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We’ve compiled four amazing netball attacking drills that will help give you the edge over your opponents. Attacking is one of the most important parts of the game and involves keeping possession of, and passing the ball down the court to the shooting circle.

Attacking players should be trained to concentrate on the ball as it is being brought down the court. This is to anticipate the balls movement and to free space. These drills will help to greatly improve players offensive movement and attacking skills.

Netball Attacking Drills:

Attacking Movement And Passing Drill

This is a great drill that will build players attacking and passing skills simultaneously.

  • Position cones diagonally across the netball court and have a player stand by each cone
  • Each cone represents an opposing teams player
  • The drill starts with a player facing down court to the left or right of the first cone
  • This player receives a pass from the player on the first cone
  • The passer should try to pass in front of the player so they can run onto the ball
  • As the first pass is being completed, the player on the second cone needs to move
  • The second cone player should cut on an angle, ready to take the ball out in front
  • This player can then pass to the player on the third cone who passes to the last player who scores
  • Focus on passing the ball out in front of players and good communication

Harder Variation

  • When your team becomes comfortable with this drill, you can change it by rotating the positions on the cone so that everyone can practice passing at different stages of the drill
  • You can also switch sides to practice on both sides

Here is a video demonstration of this netball attacking drill.

Netball goal post

Attacking V Drill

  • Place three cones in a triangle formation
  • Players run up to a cone, turn their hips around and drive back to the bottom cone
  • They then run up to the other cone and drive back and so on
  • Make sure players keep their eyes up
  • Emphasize players turning their hips and driving back instead of sidestepping or backpedaling

Harder Variations

First Variation

  • This time pass to the player as they drive upwards
  • Focus on a quick pass back and a quick change of direction

Second Variation

  • This time throw high passes, making sure the player gets under them

Here is a video demonstration of this netball attacking drill.

Two Leads Netball Attacking Drill

A great drill to help players practice their attacking movement.

  • Players form a line with a thrower in front
  • The first two players in the line split with one of these players receiving the ball, the front player should lead first
  • They then pass back to the thrower and both players go to the back of the line
  • Players should be alert ready for their turn

Here is a video demonstration of this netball attacking drill.

Timing Drill

A great netball attacking drill that helps players with their timing skills when attacking.

  • Have players line up behind each other down the court
  • Have a thrower opposite
  • The thrower starts this drill by throwing to the first person in the line who runs to the side to receive the pass
  • This first player then passes down to the second player who runs out to the side to receive the pass and so on
  • Focus on good passing technique and timing the pass

Here is a video demonstration of this netball attacking drill.

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4 Amazing Netball Attacking Drills

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