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This simple guide will help explain how to perform the cut the cake netball drill. This drill is really versatile and will help players improve on many important skills.

The cut the cake netball drill is a great way to improve players passing technique and speed. One of the best things about this drill is the fact that it’s very similar to playing a real match and so is very practical.

The quick moving and teamwork involved with this drill makes it a fantastic way to have fun, keeping all the players enthusiastic and active.

How to use this drill:

The cut the cake netball drill can be used in multiple ways and performed with different variations making it a very versatile drill.

The running aspect of this drill means it can be a great way to help the players warm up, or could even be used as a fitness drill to improve overall team fitness and endurance.

The team involvement also means it is a great way for everyone to have fun while still improving on their technique. This also means it is a great way to create chemistry between players.

What do you need for the cut the cake netball drill?

All you need is a ball and at least three players, a great number of players to have would be between five and ten. The fact you need little to nothing for this drill means practically anyone anywhere is going to be able to participate.

How to perform this drill:

  • All of the players stand in a circle
  • One player starts off in the middle of the circle with the ball
  • They then pass to one of the players in the circle
  • The middle player and the circle player continue to throw the ball to each other, in between the gaps of the circle, while the circle player runs outside of the other players in the circle for one lap
  • The player in the middle then performs the drill with a different person and so on
  • You can switch the middle player with different people and can also make players perform multiple laps

Harder variation of the cut the cake netball drill:

This variation can be performed once players are comfortable with the first drill. It helps to improve players defense and marking the ball skills.

  • Form a circle like before with one player in the middle
  • Player 1 is in the middle of the circle and has the ball
  • They then pass to one of the players in the circle (player 2)
  • Player 1 then runs to defend player 2’s pass
  • The player next to player 2 (player 3) runs into the middle and receives a pass from player 2, which player 1 tries to intercept
  • Player 3 then passes to the next player in the circle (player 4) and runs to defend
  • Repeat until all the players have been in the middle

Drill tips:

  • Focus on proper passing technique
  • Encourage lots of movement and communication
  • Encourage good energy and lots of teamwork

Here is a video demonstration of the cut the cake netball drill being performed.

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