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Netball is a sport anyone can play, whether you’re young or old, beginner or a pro. Netball is a great sport for seniors as it is an awesome way to exercise, have fun and make friends. This is why we’ve compiled 2 great netball drills for seniors.

These drills are very basic but are also very variable. This means that you can practice these drills without fear of injury, and when you become good at them you can try the harder variations.

Diamond Drill

This is one of the best netball drills for seniors as it incorporates lots of different netball skills such as passing, shooting, footwork and fitness.

  • Place down four cones in a diamond formation
  • The player starts at the bottom cone
  • They drive up on a diagonal to one of the side cones
  • They then move across to the other side cone
  • The player then turns their hips and moves back to the bottom cone
  • From there they drive straight up past the top cone and the drill is repeated
  • Focus on nimble footwork and slowly increasing the speed at which this drill is performed

Harder Variations

First Variation

  • This time have someone pass the ball to the player as they drive up past the top cone

Second Variation

  • For this variation shoot a ball through the netball hoop as you drive past the top cone

Here is a video demonstration of this netball drill for seniors.

Netball goal post

Chest Passing Drill

This is a great netball drill for seniors.

  • Have players stand opposite each other
  • Players should then pass to each other using the chest passing technique
  • Focus on good technique and pace of the passing

Harder Variation

  • To make this drill more difficult you can pass while moving and can also use different passing techniques

Here is a video demonstration of this netball drill for seniors.

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